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Victoria Collette

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 by in Reader Submission, Studio | 0 comments

Bragging Rights

Harvest: just starting revenue

Fertilizer: bootstrap raised


Nationality: American (USA)

Currently in: United States

(New York)

Seeds (story starters)

  • Smartest move ever
  • An unexpected pivot

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Lemonade Story:

I am 30, penniless and living with my parents, but getting back on track and I'm starting my own perfume line.

Entrepreneurial Adventures:

Smartest Move:

Acting on my intuition when I received a call from the International Perfume Bottle Association asking me to put an ad in their Winter Publication. That one, $200 full page ad, led to being contacted from Roja Dove, the head perfumer at Harrods in London! I met with Roja in December 2011. The funny thing is, the day before I was about to depart for London is the day I received my first prototype of my bottle - just in time for this meeting.

An Unexpected Pivot:

Only a few months away from my launch, the trademark for my company name, Essence Collection, was not going through. Estee Lauder was opposing this name. I was crushed. Three years of calling my company Essence Collection, website, logo, branding on the bottle all to match to now having no name at all. I was back at square one. It took some time and some tears of frustration but a much stronger name emerged: Victoria Collette - Inner Essence Perfumes.

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