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Tracy Williams

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 by in Reader Submission, Studio | 0 comments

Venue: Other
Photo: CeCe Canton

Lemonade Stand

Owner at

Alaska Tracy

Bragging Rights

Harvest: just starting revenue

Fertilizer: bootstrap raised

Farmhands: 1 employees


Nationality: American (USA)

Currently in: United States

(Anchorage, Alaska)

Seeds (story starters)

  • Mentors or role models
  • Smartest move ever
  • Dumbest move ever
  • Running out of money

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Lemonade Story:

Antsy, scared & depressed, Tracy got sober from alcohol. 15 years later, she has created a biz of inspiration & hope!

Entrepreneurial Adventures:

Mentors, Role Models, Inspirations:

It is crucial for me to run my 'ideas' by another human being. I have a Spiritual Advisor, a business coach and a husband that is business savy. I have done this now for 14 + years. I have learned that others are WILLING to share their successes and failures and that I can be open to learning and trusting others in life. This was not always the case in my past, hence many years of 'struggling' to find HOPE!

Smartest Move:

Asking for help as I knew I was in trouble with alcohol. Continuing to be open minded, build a relationship to a 'higher power', and listen.

Dumbest Move:

Thinking I was sober enough to get behind the wheel of my car, only to awake and wonder how I had arrived home. I do not shame myself today, I just try to be a role model to others by sharing my story.

Going Broke:

Newly divorced and starting a new (sober) way of life. The career I had chosen was not ringing true to my being. I had just bought a home and decided to start a business. I created a business plan (with a business counselor) & was willing to live in a motorhome I was going to purchase for the business. The 1st year in business, I was $30,000 in the Red, however, still able to pay my mortgage. The risk paid off. Since that time, I listened to the inner voice and made 2 more leaps of faith.

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