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TayloR Puck

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Venue: Photo Shoot for Cover of a book
Photo: Jesus Cabrera

Lemonade Stand

Sexecutive Director at

M.D. Science Lab

Bragging Rights

Harvest: just starting revenue

Fertilizer: bootstrap raised

Farmhands: 1 employees

Helpers: 20-99 part-time or volunteers


Nationality: American (USA)

Currently in: United States

(Pompano Beach, Florida)

Seeds (story starters)

  • Running out of money

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Lemonade Story:

As a doctoral student, I promoted myself by attacking Spring Breakers and video-taping them to promote safe sex!

Entrepreneurial Adventures:

Going Broke:

I panhandled in NYC with a sign that read, "I have school loans." I made an average of $7.14/hr :)

I was a high school Biology teacher with an educational background in Human Sexuality. When it came time to teach my students ‘Sex Ed’, the school did not enforce proper, medically accurate information. I left the conventional teaching method to start teaching outside of the lines. This was the hardest decision I have ever made.
Now, I teach students comprehensive sex education-TayloR Puck style! Students are trained to be peer educators and people are finally learning what they truly WANT and NEED to know about sexuality!

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