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David Goldberg

Posted on Aug 26, 2013 by in Reader Submission, Studio | 0 comments

David Goldberg

Lemonade Stand

Founder & CEO at


Bragging Rights

Harvest: just starting revenue

Fertilizer: $100k-$499k raised


Nationality: American (USA)

Currently in: United States

(New York)

Seeds (story starters)

  • First venture as a child
  • Mentors or role models
  • Smartest move ever

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Lemonade Story:

Tough to live, and support someone else, without a salary. To save money, I used to swap ties with a colleague.

Entrepreneurial Adventures:

Motivation for Going Into Business:

I was always one who believed if there isn't a solution to your problem, build it. So I did. And I won't stop until it's perfected.

I left my corporate job at an Investment Bank to pursue my business full-time. The timing was rough, as I recently purchased an apartment, and got engaged. Tough to live, and support someone else, without a salary. I’ve given up many perks, including Health Insurance.

As someone doing the corporate shuffle, first in Law, then Finance, I was always forced to don the corporate uniform known as the suit and tie.  I, like others, got frustrated with the idea of wearing the same ties over and over again in a “rotation.”  Buying new ties was expensive, and wearing the same ones was boring.  A colleague and myself decided we would “swap,” giving us each some new-to-us items.  I then figured this should be applied on a grander scale, and FreshNeck was born.

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