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Daniel Henderson

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Daniel Henderson

Lemonade Stand

Founder | President at

Henderson Media

Bragging Rights

Harvest: $10,000,000+ revenue

Fertilizer: $10M-$49M raised

Yield: $10,000,000+ valuation


Nationality: American (USA)

Currently in: United States


Seeds (story starters)

  • First venture as a child
  • Smartest move ever
  • Dumbest move ever
  • Running out of money
  • Natural disaster
  • Competitors playing dirty

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Lemonade Story:

Became the first in his family to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

Entrepreneurial Adventures:

First Venture:

I sold candy in junior high from a backpack, cut lawns in high school, and started my first real company at 19. I'm 35 years old now, and have a lot of stories.

Smartest Move:

"Marrying Ashley. She's my number one fan, and through her affirmation makes me feel like I can do anything. I am a rockstar in her eyes. She's not hard to look at either. The second smartest thing I've done is sell DOYLES last June. Had I not done so, I'd be bankrupt today. Bittersweet, but necessary."

Dumbest Move:

I've made mistakes for sure, but I don't make many in business. I do however make decisions that often turn out with unfavorable results. I know it's silly, but it's just a different way of looking at things. I once paid $16m for a company and closed on it right before the credit crisis. Within 2 months, we were out of compliance with our bank. The next four years cost me $20m, my marriage, and 4 years of hell.

Going Broke:

After merging the first company I started with two other, we took it public, and a couple of years later, I discovered my "partners" were crooks, as in Con men. I resigned as president, and as a result lost millions in stock, a $250k income, 5 cars, a house on the golf course, etc. I was forced to borrow a car from my folks, but over the next 4 years, I paid off all my debt and avoided filing bankruptcy.

Natural Disaster:

When hurricane Ike came through Houston, I had 200+ employees and a $3m/month production quota. We were down for 3-6 weeks in 3 of our 6 locations. Instead of fret over lost production, our employees pulled together and helped one another get through a very difficult time. Many of our employees had no power for weeks, and were trapped in their homes due to debris and flooding. Once we were back online, our morale was through the roof. Our employees understood that our commitment to our employees wasn't just something we wrote into our mission and values, it was what we lived by. We made up for the $600k in lost production in increase productivity.

Dirty Competition:

My competitor made an offer to buy us at 6 times earnings, we signed the LOI. Three months later they retraded the deal, and I walked away. Over the next 2 years, they hired several of our key employees. I got smart, structured a deal, and later sold them the company for 13 times earnings. I was relieved of more than $15m of debt, and for the second time avoided filing bankruptcy. What's best, I kept the millions I had built up in real estate holdings. I exited the company 3 months into a 3 year deal, and of course they sued me.

Daniel Henderson is an entrepreneur who became the first in his family to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

At 17, Henderson graduated high school, and at 19 dropped out of college to start his first business. Since then, Henderson was an early pioneer of the Internet, played professional baseball, and started and/or bought at least a dozen companies, many of which he sold, including DOYLES. Over the past fifteen years, Henderson has led companies with combined revenues of more than $150m, made and lost millions personally, and narrowly avoided filing bankruptcy twice.

Through all the professional successes and failures, Henderson has experienced similar ups and downs in his personal life. As he struggled to find his true identity, self-worth issues plagued him, which were primarily the result of past deficiencies. These challenges led to divorce, depression, and self-destructive behavior.

Daniel is currently launching several companies, along with writing a book.


Daniel Henderson

Daniel Henderson

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