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Cassandra Droogan

Posted on Jun 30, 2013 by in Casual, Reader Submission | 0 comments

Lemonade Stand

Founder & President at


Bragging Rights

Harvest: just starting revenue

Fertilizer: bootstrap raised


Nationality: American (USA)

Currently in: United States

(New York)

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Lemonade Story:

I burned through my entire life savings and now have credit card debt that I've never had before... but I wouldn't change a thing!

Entrepreneurial Adventures:

Mentors, Role Models, Inspirations:

If I could have any mentor, it would be Sara Blakely! Her story really opened my eyes to the idea that it's possible to outsource manufacturing and start a stand-alone brand. I would love to ask her about EARLY stage growth, sales, PR, etc.

Point of Pride:

A happy customer.

Motivation for Going Into Business:

Knowing I've built something completely from scratch.

I started with no background in design, development, manufacturing, retail, wholesale – it has been a huge, exciting learning curve!!

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