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Amy Certilman

Posted on Aug 31, 2013 by in Casual, Reader Submission | 0 comments

Lemonade Stand

The Perfect Setting

Bragging Rights

Harvest: $100,000+ revenue

Fertilizer: bootstrap raised

Helpers: 10-19 part-time or volunteers

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Lemonade Story:

Having left a lucrative job on Wall Street long ago it was an emotional challenge to spend so much time without necessarily getting paid.

Entrepreneurial Adventures:

Motivation for Going Into Business:

What inspired me is that I love the feeling of success. I have always said there are worker bees and lucky ducks. I am a worker bee and I love it! I left a corporate job as a Vice President in 1995 when my son was two years old. By 1999 I had a second child and with a friend started an at-home decorating business. I loved it – all of it – more than her – and soon there after I expanded on my own and partnered with another friend. Again, two years later, I was doing most of the work as my friend saw what we were doing more as “two-steps-above-a-hobby”. Whether getting paid or not I just love to work, be with people, and help them solve their problems.

Where to begin! I love starting new projects and I get obsessed. Having left a lucrative job on Wall Street many years ago it was an emotional challenge to spend so much time on something with out necessarily getting paid.

Working from home – especially when I was starting things out – another huge challenge was to make room for my family obligations – mother and wife – and maintain my friendships. In my brain I am working 24/7 yet before 7:30 am and after 6:00 pm I have to consciously put a “pause” on what I am thinking about – which is usually a new project or how to figure out a new technology or social medium. At this point my family is pretty good at telling me it’s time to walk away from my computer.

Another thing was finding the confidence to post things on Facebook and take the self-promotion plunge. Getting to the point where a majority of my clients come to me via the Internet was HUGE – for a while I was very uncomfortable thinking that only my family and friends were clients. I will never forget how great if felt – a few months after I launched my website – when I got an email/new client from someone who found me via a Google Search.

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